Embedded Firmware

Technology Kitchen has many years of experience developing real-time algorithms and application firmware to meet a variety of demanding and time-critical embedded controller requirements. We are proficient in both C and assembler and have experience with a variety of microcontrollers and processors.

We have the latest development software including compilers/assemblers, emulation/ in-circuit debugging tools, version control, and issue tracking. We have a structured process for writing design specifications, developing code, unit testing, system testing and review. We focus on writing robust, modular code that is well-documented and easy to maintain. We can creatively optimize code for small memory requirements or tailor it for high-speed execution. We are adept at learning new technologies and applications quickly. Our engineers are skilled at developing everything from simple and friendly user interfaces to complex control and processing algorithms.

We have experience with a broad range of applications including:

We have developed a wide variety of firmware including:

  • Signal processing algorithms
  • Data filtering
  • Flash manipulation
  • Boot-loaders
  • Built-in diagnostics and self-test
  • Cooperative multitasking
  • RTOS
  • Deterministic schedulers
  • State machines

We have experience with several different compilers and emulators including:

  • Hi-Tech C Compilers: PIC10/12/16, PIC18, PIC24 and dsPIC, PIC32, Enterprise
  • Keil C51 PK51 Professional
  • MPLAB C Compilers: PIC18, PIC24 and dsPIC, PIC24, PIC32

We have experience with many different microprocessors and microcontrollers including:

  • Microchip PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, PIC18, PIC24, PIC32, dsPIC
  • Atmel AT91SAM7S
  • Cypress PSOC
  • Dallas DS80C
  • Freescale 56800/E, HCS08, 9S12NE64
  • National Semiconductor COP8
  • Philips LPC2100 ARM7
  • Rabbit Semiconductor RCM3200
  • ST uPSD
  • Texas Instruments MSP430