Passionate about product development, focused on quality

Technology Kitchen was founded in 1998 through a strong desire to focus on product development. We are a small and growing technology company based in Austin, Texas. We are a team of like-minded professionals who are passionate about what we do. We are committed to creating innovative, high-quality, robust designs through comprehensive research, development, and testing. The most important product of a development effort is documentation. We understand this and take great pride in ensuring that it is detailed, clear, and complete. We have a structured development process and an efficient, fast-paced, collaborative environment. Having the right tools, equipment, and processes allows us to minimize time-to-market for our clients and maximize the value we provide. Our mission is to provide strong value for our clients through well-managed project development, high-quality designs, and complete and industry-standard-format documentation. We value long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers and strive to be a trusted engineering development partner.

Technology Kitchen Quality Objectives

-To design, manufacture and deliver on time, a product of consistently high quality that will perform as expected.

-To maintain design service quality in an economical and expeditious manner, emphasizing customer satisfaction.

-To promote a dynamic quality improvement program based on a total quality control effort by each employee at all levels within the company.

-To strive for the prevention of defects by incorporating best practices, peer and management reviews and robust testing.

-To achieve continuous improvement by applying closed-loop corrective actions.

-To maintain a fair and creative work environment that respects new ideas and hard work.

The Quality Policy of Technology Kitchen is to ensure that all products, services and technical support provided to our customers are of the highest level of quality attainable within the customer’s performance, cost and schedule constraints. Technology Kitchen requires each team member to commit to make every effort to meet the quality goals of the company and of our customers.

Core Ideology

-Demonstrate the highest degree of honesty, integrity and ethics.

-Provide encouragement of individual initiative, interesting and challenging work, a nurturing and fun environment, and both competitive and appropriate compensation.

-Ensure heroic customer service.

-Provide innovative and technologically advanced products of the highest quality.

-Promote continuous improvement and managed risk in all aspects of business.