Brad Claflin
CEO, Founder


John Harlan
COO, Partner


Mary Claflin
CFO, Founder


John Morton
CTO, Partner


Keith Odland
DBD, Co-Founder


Brad Claflin, Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Brad founded TK in 1998 and leads our business strategy and vision, our engineering services operation, and our electrical and firmware teams. He is a hands-on program manager and makes key contributions in the areas of system architecture, instrumentation and control design, and firmware design. Brad has managed the development of over 500 electrical, embedded firmware, software, systems, and mechanical design projects.

With over 25 years of technical experience, Brad has a reputable track record for creative, cost-effective design of high quality products and producing detailed documentation. An innovative thinker who maximizes long-term effectiveness by considering both business and technical aspects of projects. Brad previously served as Senior Product Engineer and Microcontroller Applications Specialist for Future Electronics; Electrical and Software Engineering Manager for Deaton Engineering; Principal Engineer for Eaton Corporation, Semiconductor Equipment Division; Electrical Design Engineer for Texas Instruments; and Programmer/Analyst for Andersen Consulting. He received a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Kansas.



John Harlan, Chief Operating Officer, Partner

John joined TK in 2009 and leads our manufacturing and sustaining engineering operations as well as our mechanical engineering team.  He is a key contributor in the areas of program management and business strategy.  John also brings his cross-discipline systems engineering experience to bear against complex design challenges.

John’s experience encompasses over 30 years of broad-based engineering that includes detailed design and analysis, design for manufacturing, sustaining engineering, failure analysis, product and project management, cross-functional engineering team management, and quality and reliability engineering.  His versatile skill set includes strong analytical decision-making and design optimization capabilities, broad technical knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering disciplines, and a strong ability to help customers develop practical product requirements out of general objectives.  Prior to joining TK, he served as the Director of Engineering for Metrosol; Product Quality Engineer for Dell; Product Engineering Manager for Eaton Semiconductor Equipment; and Senior Engineering Specialist for General Dynamics Fort Worth.  John holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University and completed the Competitive Business Leadership program at the University of Texas School of Business.

He is an instrument-rated pilot and aerobatic competitor and judge, an EAA Technical Counselor in aircraft construction, and an officer of the Breakaway Airport Association.  The first product created by TK, an Aircraft Engine Power Monitor, was John’s concept, and is still in use today.



Mary Claflin, Chief Financial Officer, Founder

Mary co-founded TK and has been instrumental in the growth and success of the company. She has worn many hats since our inception including: business and strategic planning, accounting and financial management, project management, human resource and benefits administration, marketing, website and software development and database design. Today she is focused on financial management.

Mary is an accomplished executive with over 25 years’ experience in accounting/financial management, business strategy/development and software development. She is a strategic thinker that draws from her numerous roles to provide innovative business strategies and solutions.

Prior to TK, Mary was a software consultant specializing in relational database design. As a manager for Andersen Consulting, she acquired expertise in implementing complex large-scale software systems for large corporations and governmental agencies. She has a BBA in Information Systems from Texas A&M University and graduated Magna Cum Laude.



John Morton, Chief Technology Officer, Partner

John joined TK in 2011 to lead our software development team. He is also a key contributor in the areas of project management, system architecture, software design, algorithm development, validation testing, firmware development, and business strategy.

John has over 30 years’ experience in complex software design, multi-threaded and real time applications, high performance database systems and specialty search applications for large datasets. He has experience with software development processes including continuous integration, test driven development, unit testing, automated testing, and agile and iterative development methodologies. He also brings experience with web-based applications, quality assurance, mathematics, electronic design, and physics. John’s background provides a unique combination of experience and skills to draw upon when solving complex software design problems.

Prior to joining TK, John served as CTO for Llesiant where he designed a patented search technology; he has also been a founder in two other companies and was a Staff Scientist for the University of Minnesota, Upper Atmospheric Research Group where he managed development of an experiment that flew on the space shuttle.  John received a BS in Physics from the University of Minnesota and has done graduate work in theoretical physics at the University of Texas.



Keith Odland, Director of Business Development, Co-Founder

Keith co-founded TK in 1998 with Brad and Mary.  Like them, he believes in innovative engineering solutions and delivering the highest possible quality customer experience.  As the Director of Business Development, he is the evangelist of both corporate vision and technical direction.

With over 25 years of technical experience, Keith has a solid record of defining innovative products and creating value. Keith left TK to pursue a career in the semiconductor industry where he directed a $125M microcontroller business at Silicon Labs. He went on to help lead a division at Cirrus Logic as well as innovate sub-threshold technology at Ambiq Micro. He received his BSEE from the University of Texas at Austin and holds six US patents with others pending. He returned to TK in 2016 and is delighted to be home.