Life-Cycle Product Engineering

Technology Kitchen can extend product engineering support beyond the development period for any of your designs. If your business requires assistance to address product issues at any time in the product life-cycle, TK can serve as your virtual product engineering arm. TK has extensive experience in failure analysis and closed-loop corrective action. We can determine the cause of the issue and develop the most efficient corrective action, whether it is a product design, manufacturing process, or packaging and shipping issue. TK can also provide failure rate predictions based on field failure data and reliability analysis.

TK can also address issues related to parts obsolescence or loss of source. Solutions can range from a simple part substitution, to a minor modification, to a complete redesign. We have experience in a wide range of manufacturing processes and can offer alternatives if one method becomes problematic. In any case, TK will strive to find the most cost-effective solution for our client.

Design-for-cost is often a victim of constraints of schedule or development budget. Evolution of technology provides brand-new opportunities for cost reduction every day. Let TK take a fresh look at an existing design to find ways to reduce cost, reduce lead-time, or enhance performance.