Prototype & Low-Volume Manufacturing

Technology Kitchen has numerous years of experience in rapid prototype development and low-volume manufacturing. We are known for providing innovative solutions and meeting aggressive schedules. By leveraging the experience of our cross-functional engineering team and selecting the most appropriate fabrication process and technology, we can develop a prototype optimized for your particular application.

Our in-house staff is skilled at producing prototypes and doing low-volume manufacturing of PCBs, wire harnesses, mechanical, and electromechanical assemblies. We have strong relationships with our suppliers and only utilize established, high-quality organizations. We leverage our suppliers to provide commercial electronic and mechanical components, bare PCB fabrication, precision sheet metal, and custom machined parts.

TK employs an internally-developed Quality Assurance Process which addresses documentation quality, incoming inspection, and functional testing to ensure product is in compliance with documentation and meets functional requirements. Assemblies are built, inspected, and tested with strict adherence to the manufacturing documentation package. Inspection and test procedures or checklists are developed to maintain consistency and completeness. All inspection and test records are documented and filed as a permanent record.

This process is designed to monitor and improve both internal and vendor quality. Defects are addressed through root-cause analysis and closed-loop corrective action, employing principles and techniques of Total Quality Management and other industry standard tools. If supplier components are involved, the supplier’s quality organization is included in the corrective action loop.

For projects requiring high-volume production, we have a strategic relationship with a contract manufacturer/assembler having full automated SMT and through-hole assembly capability. We can also review design documentation for manufacturability and completeness and help our clients make a smooth transition to higher-volume production.