Test Systems

TK has developed a variety of test systems. These systems typically employ a TK-developed, PC-based test application and may also include custom or commercial electrical, mechanical, electromechanical, and/or thermal test hardware. Some systems are automated for use in production manufacturing for verification of electrical and mechanical parameters.

In addition to being used for manufacturing, the PC-based test software can be very valuable during product development and system testing. These systems can reduce development time and enable more thorough system testing to be conducted, ensuring each design is robust.

The test software enables monitoring and status logging for embedded systems. It also provides a convenient and user-friendly method for configuring options and for enabling firmware upgrades of embedded devices.

TK typically uses Labwindows CVI to create test software. We have developed an extensive library of modules, functions, and code that can be leveraged to produce a sophisticated new test system in a short period of time.