“Mike, Thanks for the help, we do appreciate the professionalism that everybody at Technology Kitchen and Ember Industries has and the willingness to work with us to deliver the best quality product to our customers.”

Paul Fishburn, Principal Quality Engineer, Textron Systems

“I know we do not say it soon enough nor often enough; …we really do appreciate your service. With the advent of a tightened time line and jumbled inventory we were able to hit some tough target dates with the help that you folks provided.”

Steve Eastin, Senior Engineer, MaxPoint

“You guys absolutely rock. Can’t thank you enough for your diligence and expedience on these projects. I really appreciate having you guys on our team, we really couldn’t do it without you!”

S. McAulay, Senior Systems Engineer, Advanced Telemetrics

“I really can’t thank you enough. You and your team have been incredibly accommodating for us, and your promptness, attention to detail, and friendship has been an invaluable part of our company’s development!”

Sam McAulay, Resource Production

“You all came through big time for me this week (again). Thank you very, very much for jumping on this. You all are truly a great group that performs and are very enjoyable to work with. Brad, you have a great team.”

Alan Hill, Chief Technology Officer, Terra Bridge Innovations

“This documentation is awesome. Please tell your team that I really appreciate the work that has gone into these design documents. These may be the best I’ve ever seen, and they’re not even done.”

Thomas Q. Brady, Technology Director, Reaction, Inc.

“I’m really impressed with the quality of these boards. I don’t know how you can build them by hand and have them look this good. I’m very pleased with your services and the integrity of your company.”

Terry Maas, President, Oceanic Safety Systems

“I want to take a moment to thank the team at TK for all your hard work, diligence and execution on this product. You guys are truly a group of engineering professionals and it has been a pleasure to work with you on this project.”

Jeremy Freeze-Skret, Engineering Manager, Open Roads Consulting

“Thank you and TK for your ongoing work. I really think you guys are a great company who does awesome work and I look forward to more future projects together.”

Jeremy Freeze-Skret, Engineering Manager, Open Roads Consulting